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About Us

Dear Parents,

My staff and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to our Pediatric Dental practice. We hope that this information will serve to answer some of your questions and to familiarize you with our office procedures and philosophy.

Basic Treatment Philosophy
As a rule, no restorations will be done at the first visit. If your child requires treatment beyond the first visit, we will review the fees involved, visits required and any concerns you may have. You will be asked to remain in the reception area during your child’s treatment appointment. We try to provide dental treatment in a non-threatening manner. Children do very well in this reassuring environment. We believe in the PREVENTION of dental disease, of malocclusion, and as important, fear and anxiety. We strive to make your child’s experience in our office a positive one and encourage you to inform us of any specific concerns you may have.

Our staff works very hard at keeping on schedule, as we know your time is valuable. It is therefore essential that you arrive on time for your appointment so that we may continue to be punctual for all our patients throughout the day. Changes to our pre-arranged appointment time(s) must be made at least 48 hours or 2 working days in advance to avoid a charge for a missed appointment/short notice cancellation.

A Few Additional Comments
• Please do not over prepare your child for their appointment. If we introduce your child to dentistry before any negative opinions are formed, we usually obtain a better relationship and more willing cooperation from your child.

• Please refrain from saying, “The dentist will not hurt you” as this suggests that it is a distinct possibility. Instead say, “The dentist will be very gentle with you.”

• Please avoid words that suggest negative images such as shot, pull, yank, cut, hurt and drill. Our staff will tell your child in positive language when something may be uncomfortable or “pinch” and when it won’t. We use positive words to describe the dental environment.

• You should not be upset if your child cries. As children are often afraid of anything new and strange, we consider crying just “loud cooperation.”

Financial Arrangements
Fees for service are due at the time that the service is rendered, and may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, cash or debit card. We request that you pay us and if you have dental insurance, your insurance company will reimburse you. Our staff will gladly complete claims or estimate forms so that your insurance company may honour its commitment to you.

Again thank you for placing your trust and confidence in us. Your understanding and cooperation is an important part of your child’s dental care. Therefore, please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning pediatric dentistry. We look forward to our growing association.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Gerry Pochynok and staff